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"I use the skills that Melanie taught me every day. Her personalized and results-oriented approach has helped me to deliver polished and professional presentations, whether it's a Town Hall presentation, Board of Trustees meeting, international conference or media interview."

Jim Keohane, President & CEO
Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP)

"Melanie's lessons in speech delivery are often, by their nature, painstakingly methodical and careful. Her expertise, patience and kind nature make the process flow efficiently and, importantly, ensure that I achieve the goal of a remembered speech."

Ian Russell, President & CEO
Investment Industry Association of Canada
Chair, International Council of Securities Associations

"Before working with Melanie, I lacked the confidence to find my unique voice. Through her incredible coaching, I have been able to make impactful, interesting and authoritative presentations. Working with Melanie has truly been an investment in my future."

Rachel Ford, Tanqueray National Brand Ambassador

"Our team needed to present complex material in a way that would inspire our audience. Melanie was able to coach our team to achieve perfect performances and leave us with a wealth of knowledge that we continue to draw on."

Laura Matthews, Director, Marketing & Communications
Canadian Institute for Advanced Research

"Melanie's method of preparation, research, practice, vocal delivery and body language awareness were a revelation. Since my work with her, I've been able to deliver consistently effective presentations, whether it's to an audience of one or 100. "

Ron Chang, Program Manager
AMP International Markets

"I was recognized for my achievements with an honourable President's Award, due in large part to "the idea talk" and selling in the new innovation that became American Express's international standard. Thank you again for your dedication to helping others succeed. "

Roberto Passarelli (Amex-2014 President's Award Winner)
Senior Manager, Digital Acquisition – Display Media & Search
American Express

"Jim Van Horne is ...'The best in Canadian Television'."

William Houston
Globe and Mail

"Adam was a revelation. Extremely entertaining, provocative and SMART. Thank you."

Albert Schultz

"As well as being enthusiastic, well prepared, and very knowledgeable about the topic, Adam [Lazarus] has the special ability to help his students overcome fears and insecurities in order to build confidence and skills, and break out of their comfort zone. The great thing is that he makes it fun!"

University of Toronto

"As an immigrant to Canada, I had experienced difficulties in communicating and presenting, especially to Senior Management. Melanie coached me, one-on-one, to master the skills of professional presentation, effective high-level communication with executives, and accent modification. Her coaching has had a major impact on my career. "

Chandra Wijaya, Executive Director, Control & Initiatives
Bank of Canada

"The great teacher inspires - that is the secret of Melanie Novis' success. "

Catherine Driscoll

"Our business value is predicated on messaging. Numbers mean nothing if we can't tell a story that articulates their meaning. Melanie's techniques and style are not just about voice and presentation. They improve the individual and group dynamic from a broad based, professional perspective to better tell the bigger picture."

Drew Coles, President & CEO
InnVest REIT

"The Public Speaking and Presentation Course, led by Melanie, was without a doubt one of the best classes I have ever taken. It was transformational for my peers and myself. Melanie was exceptional at providing guidance, challenges and feedback."

Sergei Korolev, Senior Analyst, Corporate Strategy
Rogers Communication

"I was assigned to present on ongoing operational problems that had been causing inefficiencies for years. Using what I took away from Melanie's course, I was able to deliver a powerful, engaging message and, as a result, strategic initiatives were developed to address these problems. Many directors commented on my delivery and confidence. "

Peter Yiu, Project Manager
University Health Network

"Of all the people who have mentored or trained me over the years, Melanie is among the most influential. My public speaking skills that Melanie helped to transform - through eye contact, gestures to match the point being made, and varying tone and speed for emphasis – have been used in 300 invited speaking engagements across 14 countries. "

Ben Chan, Assistant Professor, Division of Global Health
University of Toronto

"We were thrilled to have Melanie's help this year. CSC courses have such an excellent reputation within our department that there is a waiting list to take part! "

Jennifer Dillon, Manager, New Product Development
American Express

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Q: My IT job requires me to convey difficult concepts and technological information in a way that is clear and understandable. Can you help me?
A: Yes. We customize all sessions to meet our client's needs. We will teach you how to simplify complex information, structure and deliver a clear message, and make a technical presentation that's interesting and engaging.