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"I am the most spontaneous speaker in the world because every word, every gesture and every retort has been carefully rehearsed." - George Bernard Shaw

Learn to:

  • Enhance your direct, natural manner and confidence
  • Develop strategies for conveying a strong, authentic image
  • Control your anxiety
  • Deliver a clear, concise and compelling message on behalf of your company
  • Hone your skills in presenting key messages, ideas and opinions
  • Master the teleprompter
  • Deliver the virtual presentation

Challenging scenarios can flare up in an instant, and professionals and organizations need to be prepared. Are you able to deal with microphones, cameras and glaring lights in your face, along with competing voices demanding answers, live or on tape? Are you confident that you can react effectively, or will you draw a blank and become tongue-tied? At CSC, we can help you to successfully navigate this unfamiliar terrain.

This one-on-one program can also be customized for groups.

For details, contact Melanie.

Did you know that our training qualifies for reimbursement - up to $10,000 per employee per year- under the Canada-Ontario Job Grant?
Contact Career Foundation at (416) 243-0066 for details.
Executive Presentation

Make sure your message is making the impact, not just your accent. More >

Q: Can I overcome my fear of public speaking?
A: Yes. We offer a one-on-one program of 8 sessions that will give you the tools and techniques to relax and become a confident, effective speaker.